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Our Team

Dan Crosby


Dan is a highly motivated entrepreneur in the sports nutrition industry with decades of experience. His goal with Synergy Private Label is to bring trust and manufacturing integrity back to the industry by producing products and brands for clients that exceed their expectations. When you choose to partner with Synergy Private Label for your product and/or brand needs, you will be choosing a world-class manufacturer with years of experience and knowledge that you can rely on for the highest quality and best tasting products with shorter lead times. Dan’s mission is to become your manufacturing brand partner to make you and your products as successful as possible in this tough market.

“When you choose us you’re choosing a partner.”

Clark Wiebe

Director of Sales & Business Development

Clark Wiebe has several years of work experience in the health and fitness industry. He joined Synergy Private Label’s team after completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Odette School of Business. A few years prior, Clark completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at McGill University. Clark is an innovative and passionate leader who believes in providing Synergy clients with a world-class experience from first contact through to final sale. He has a deep understanding of the natural health product (NHP) market and capitalizes on his knowledge of market trends to bring valuable insights to Synergy’s customers and partners. Clark always ensures Synergy Private Label provides the highest quality of customer care in the fast changing, ever growing health supplements industry.

Dave Clarke

Quality Control Manager

Dave Clarke possesses extensive experience in quality system implementation and management fulfilling both quality control and quality assurance responsibilities. He has worked for companies from across N/A operating out of Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Detroit, Toronto and currently Windsor Ontario.

Mr. Clarke started his career within the Environmental engineering industry as an applied chemist in 2000 before joining the Agri-food industry in 2002 after completing his Bachelor of Science and Diploma in environmental chemistry in his home city of Ottawa. Since 2002 he has been working with the food & agriculture industry servicing institutions, food processors, farmers, restaurant chains, NHP/Dietary Supplements, pharmaceuticals and veterinary pharmaceutical companies.