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How does it work?

Building your own supplement brand has never been easier. Simply select the products you would like to private label, add them to your cart, and check out. Once you have checked out, one of our design specialists will reach out to you to organize label design. 

What products can I Private Label?

You can private label any of the products in our catalog.

What are the minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

MOQs are 48 units per flavour per size per product (e.g. minimum 48 units of whey isolate chocolate 1 lb and minimum 48 units units of whey isolate vanilla 1lb).

Do you service start up companies?

Yes. We offer a shelf-ready product for start-ups and established businesses alike. We also have dedicated staff on hand that can help you with strategy.

Are the products traceable back to Synergy Private Label?

Private label or custom products with their own NPN are not traceable back to  DC Nutrition Group Inc. If you choose to use our NPN, the product will be traceable back to DC Nutrition Group Inc.

Is your facility licensed?

Yes. We are a fully licensed manufacturer and Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) Certified. 

How long does it take?

The average private labeling client waits about 2-3 months to receive their first order and an average of one month for subsequent orders. 

Custom products can take longer, anywhere from 3 months to 1 year depending on the complexity of the product and the NPN class. 



How does label design work / what are my options?

For label design, you have one of two options: (i) Work with our in-house design team to design a custom label, or (ii) provide us with a finished label designed by you or a third-party.

How much does it cost?

Label design is complimentary for all private label customers and includes three (3) rounds of review to finalize your design. Any changes beyond three rounds will be billed separately at $50.00 per hour.

Can I send you containers to use? 

We only accept containers from facilities that are GMP-Certified. 

Can you use my labels? 

We can print any label that is sent to us. The client is responsible for the accuracy of the labels. Any inaccuracies Synergy Private Label is not liable for. For specific dimensions, please contact

What printing method is used for the labels? CMYK or RGB?

We use CMYK printing.

What type of containers do you have? What colours? 

We currently only use hard containers for online orders. They are available in capsule-size, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 2 lbs, 5 lbs, and 11 lbs. Custom printed mylar bags are available in all sizes, however the bags have MOQs of 200 units per sku (we outsource this).

The standard white colour we use is Pantone 11-4800.

Do you private label sample packs?

Yes, we do. MOQs are 2000 units per sku. See here for a complete list of our sample packs.


Do you do custom formulas?

Yes we do custom formulations. You can either send us a formula that you would like to create or you can describe to us features of a product you would like to have and our R&D department can produce it for you. R&D is charged at $100/hour plus tax.

Can I send you ingredients to use?

Under GMP regulations, we cannot accept outside ingredients from a non-GMP Certified facility. The ingredients must be direct from the manufacturer and the packaging must not be tampered with.


Do you provide NPN services?

We work with a third-party consulting firm specializing in product licensing to complete all of our NPNs. We serve as a mediator to organize the application and submission of the NPN. Synergy Private Label does not fill out the application. 

How much does NPN cost?

There are three costs associated with NPN:

  1. R&D to determine flavour profile and product feasibility. $100/hour + tax. Minimum of 5 hours
  2. Formula consultation to determine viability of formula and make any adjustments necessary to drop class. $750+tax
  3. NPN submission: Dependent on class. Charged per formula. 
    • Class I $500-1500
    • Class II $2000-3500
    • Class III $4000-10,000

Can I make changes to a stock formula (e.g. flavour type or intensity) without applying for a new NPN?

No. NPNs are assigned to a specific formula. Any changes to a formula requires a new NPN application. 


How much is shipping?

Canada-wide shipping is free on orders above $999 USD. Shipping on orders below $999 USD or that are being shipped internationally will be charged separately.

Do you offer dropshipping?

No. Dropshipping directly to the end-consumer is something we are working on and will be fully operational by end of 2020.

Can you ship to U.S. or Internationally?

Yes, but in order to ship internationally, you must apply for an International Trade Certificate for Natural Health Products (ITC-NHP). We do not offer these services, but many consulting firms around Canada can help you with this application. 

Shipping is subject to import fees, shipping fees and taxes.