Stock or Custom Formulations

Do you have a formulation in mind for your products? Or maybe you just have a specific benchmark in mind, what ever the case we can work with either to create the perfect product. We have an extensive list of stock formulations that we can either use complete, or use as a starting point for your products and add ingredients to create the perfect mix for your market. What ever the case, we have you covered.

Stock Formulations

We have an extensive list of stock supplement formulations and protein shake formulations. If you are wanting to get up and selling quick, you can choose one of our off the shelf formulations to create a complete product line for your company or for your needs. All of our formulations are time-tested and researched to provide optimal results. No need to second guess our formulations, they have been used millions of time over.

Custom Formulations

Do you have specific benchmarks you are wanting to meet? Maybe it is grams of protein per serving, or maybe grams or micro-grams of another supplement per serving.  We can meet that with a custom formulation. We can also custom formulate our products to align with other more broad restrictions as well, such as vegan supplements or being gluten free. What ever you are looking for, we can make it happen.

Stock or Custom Formulations

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