At Synergy Private Labeling all of our products are manufactured in our state of the art facility to the exacting regulations and guidelines of Health Canada. What sets us apart from other white label manufacturers is that our products’ entire formulation takes place in the same facility that we manufacture in. Not only do we test and research your products, we manufacture them as well.

Manufacturing Range

Utilizing our wide array of supplements and proteins we are able to manufacture any sport nutrition product that your company needs. If you need a product that fits exacting specifications, that is no problem for our manufacturing team. We can also accommodate custom dietary needs as well. No matter if you are trying to manufacture a vegan product, vegetarian product, a gluten free product, or a keto friendly product, we have you covered. We have experience formulating products that not only fit specific dietary needs, but also taste great as well.

Why Should You Manufacture In Canada?

Canadian manufactured supplements are held to stricter standards than supplements manufactured in other countries. These stricter standards mean we have to third party test our products for purity and quality. This adds several value points to your brand including reduced recalls, lab backed results for claims your products make, and a better overall safety. These factors can reduce your insurance costs while at the same time making your brand a premium brand.


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