Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, they are also the building blocks of supplement brands as well. That is why we have one of the largest selections of proteins for you to choose from. Are you looking for an off the shelve whey isolate, we have that. Or maybe you you want to work with vegan protein products, we have those as well. Whatever your protein needs, we can accommodate them with our industry leading selection.

Custom Formulations

Do you require a custom formulation? We have you covered, we can custom formulate different protein blends to meet any product needs, whether it be flavor, consistency, or amount of protein per serving. Our experts can formulate a custom blend that meets all of your needs.


Do you have a flavor in mind? You can either use one of our off the shelf flavors, or we can custom mix flavors to your specification. Having custom flavors is one of the biggest ways to set your brand apart from the other brands on the market. Anyone can make protein, but can they make your chocolate caramel flavored protein?

Whey concentrate supplements are probably the world’s most popular line of sports supplements and are one of the most in-demand supplements on the market. Their popularity lies in the fact that despite being reasonably priced, they represent an excellent choice for all those who wish to increase their protein intake and muscle mass. Economy Whey is an economical but efficient whey concentrate capable of providing 21 grams of protein per 30 grams tablespoon due to its excellent quality and composition.

Whey Concentrate is a basic but relatively inexpensive whey protein supplement. This type of protein can be used by virtually anyone, as both an athlete and a beginner can make use of it. However, it is necessary to highlight the fact that it does not have the same rate of bioavailability that both the Premium Whey Blend and the Whey Protein Isolate have. The Whey Protein Concentrate is an excellent choice if you want to use it after training or as a meal substitute to complement any of your daily meals.

Whey protein concentrates are usually more common than isolates since they tend to be much cheaper, although both are derived from cow’s milk whey concentrates provide between 70 and 80% protein per service, while Isolate delivers between 90-97% protein per service. This demonstrates its high performance compared to regular protein (as it contains 5% or less of its composition in fat or carbohydrates), and like the previous ones, these do not go through a denaturation process.

Whey Protein Blend basically contains combinations of Whey Protein Isolates, Whey Protein Concentrates, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, and many other types of proteins. This combination can provide different benefits and efficient absorption ratios for the body. For example, the combination of the types of protein mentioned above can provide different benefits and various amino acids that have different beneficial effects for the body. Due to the quality of the elements that compose Whey Protein Blend is considered to be one of the highest quality supplements.

Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein is considered one of the highest quality denatured protein concentrates on the market, this is due to the fact that it comes from cow’s milk, however, in some cases the fact that cows are fed low nutrient pasture or full of pesticides or even receive injections of hormones capable of affecting the quality of milk and therefore the protein. The New Zealand grass-fed cows without fed with quality grass and do not receive doses of hormones, so they provide better quality milk capable of providing whey protein free of hormones and much better quality.

The grass-fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate is basically the best quality Whey Protein Isolate available on the market, because although its composition has 95% protein, the cows that provide the milk for production have not been affected by different irregular conditions (such as poorly nutritious pasture or hormone injections) capable of reducing the quality and naturalness of the milk, as a result it is possible to obtain a Whey Protein Isolate more natural and much better quality.

Vegan Protein Blend is a non-transgenic protein supplement designed to provide vegans and vegetarians with a reasonable alternative capable of differing from common animal-derived supplements that vegans, due to their ethics, do not consume. The vegan protein blend power is made based on a combination of three vegan-friendly protein sources (Pea protein isolate, Brown rice protein, Hemp protein) which are able to provide optimal muscle growth, excellent fat-burning and can improve the overall health and well-being of any individual.

Dietary supplement based on 80% pea protein, branched amino acids, low in carbohydrates and fats, free of allergens, cholesterol, and lactose. Pea Protein Isolate is ideal for recovering the protein consumed during exercise, increase volume, strength and muscle endurance, also providing a shock of energy and vitality.

Suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant.

Micellar Casein is a concentrated milk protein product containing micellar casein and whey in an 80:20 ratio. This protein can form spherical complexes called micelles, characterized by their slow digestion and absorption.

Micellar Casein contains a high percentage of protein per indicated intake, as well as a low content of sugars, fat, and lactose. It also has an excellent aminogram and a very complete profile, as it has all the essential amino acids together with a large number of branched amino acids.

Organic brown rice protein is a protein powder of natural and vegetable origin 100% derived from organic brown rice. This supplement is especially indicated for athletes who do not consume products of animal origin, and for those who are allergic or intolerant to having dairy products, eggs, soy, and gluten.

Another great advantage of brown rice protein associated with health is the fact that it is rich in healthy fats that occur naturally within grains. These healthy fats are very beneficial, as they can help normalize and reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

Hemp Protein is one of the best sources of vegetable protein. With a complete amino acid profile, and excellent assimilation can be used as the primary source of protein in the diet. It is also very rich in minerals and vitamins, which highlights its contribution of iron, phosphorus, and magnesium, among others.

Hemp Protein helps maintain proper nutrition thanks to its contribution of essential amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. An excellent complement to your daily diet that will provide the basis for adequate nutrition.

The Egg White Protein is obtained from the pasteurization and dehydration of egg white, resulting in an isolated protein powder of maximum purity.

Egg white protein is a protein of high biological value, as it contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs and cannot synthesize itself. In fact, egg white is considered to be the reference protein, as it contains optimum amounts of amino acids that guarantee maximum absorption.

Therefore, Egg White Protein is indicated for the development and conservation of muscle mass in a healthy way.

Hydrolyzed Casein is a novel protein made from casein. Unlike conventional casein, it has been hydrolyzed to facilitate digestion and absorption by supplying amino acids quickly to your muscles. Casein provides the 20 amino acids needed to synthesize proteins and with a high content of essential and branched amino acids, and all with hardly any lactose or fat. Hydrolyzed Casein is perfect for speeding up recovery, stimulating protein synthesis and improving physical performance.

The perfect protein for athletes.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is ideal for everyone’s needs: from the most demanding athletes to people who want to lose weight. The consumption of hydrolyzed proteins gives you amino acids that are faster to digest, absorb, and use to build muscle and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Colostrum is a supplement like no other as it is a secretion of milk origin produced by cows in the first hours after calving.

Because colostrum is loaded with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, it is now widely used as a supplement among athletes. Colostrum also contains a high concentration of antibodies capable of fighting bacteria and viruses.

Beef Protein is the ultimate nutritional supplement. Beef protein has long been known as one of the best protein sources in the world.

One of the benefits of consuming beef is its high nutritional value and rapid assimilation. It is additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals which will help maintain your lean muscle mass.

Alfafa protein (also known as Alfalfa powder) is a healthy supplement capable of substantially improving protein intake for someone on a diet. Such a protein has different benefits associated with the nutrients absorbed by alfalfa (whose Arabic name means “father of the foods” because of its properties) and is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, saponins, flavonoids, and amino acids as well as vegetable proteins.